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Cloud storage for your receipts

Keep track of all your receipts – take a photo of your receipt and let 1Tap Receipts scan through them and store them in a secure cloud platform accessible from all your mobile devices.

1Tap Receipts automatically extracts all the information you need ready for your HMRC Self Assessment including the supplier, amount, date and category. Because 1Tap Receipts is connected to the HMRC system, you get real time tax updates straight to your mobile device and you can easily pre-fill your SA103S Self-Assessment form with the information collected.

Your accountant gets secure real time updates on your receipt details which means you need never scrabble around to find the details they ask for.

The 1Tap Receipts app is free to download and is ideal for sole traders, especially those who have a lot of receipts to process and very little time to do so.

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