VT Transactions+

Cost: £199 + VAT (Not cloud-based)

If your accounting needs are simple then VT Transactions+ might be a good, no-frills option for you. It also comes with a free cash book package.

Essentially, this software helps you to clearly record your income and expenditure. You simply enter sales invoices.  There is a simple reconciliation option for the bank and VAT returns are prepared.

Selling points of VT Transactions+

If you have more than one bank account, you can easily transfer cash between them.

Another useful point is that you can extract all information into an Excel spreadsheet which can be handy if you need to work on your figures in this format. Your VAT options are also clearly marked and pretty straightforward. Plus you can view all your transactions daily on a special report.

Drawbacks of VT Transactions+

This program is pretty basic, although on the plus side it means it is also simple to use.

A big concern among users seems to be the ease of amending data – with a right click you can correct pretty much or delete anything without an audit trial behind.

All information can be backed up on the memory pen and emailed if needed.

Does not run on an Apple Mac.