Annual Returns

Each year, all limited companies and LLPs are required to submit an annual return to Companies House, a record of key company information that you must provide by a designated date each year.

Annual returns are sent to Companies House where they are filed and made publicly available so that anyone can verify the details and legitimacy of any UK company. It is a record of general information about your company, including:

  • The address of your registered office;
  • Details of your directors, secretary, shareholders;
  • Details of share capital, etc.

All unincorporated businesses are exempt from the legal obligation of making an annual return to Companies House. This includes self-employed sole traders and ordinary partnerships.

Private companies are no longer required to provide details of shareholders’ addresses on the annual return. Different rules apply to certain public companies.

If you do not deliver your company’s annual return, the Registrar might assume that your company is no longer carrying on business and could take steps to strike it from the register.

If you need further guidance on whether you should submit an annual return or assistance in ensuring your return is submitted accurately, please contact us on 0115 928 3228 and we’ll be happy to help.