Tax implications of entertaining employees

The season for office parties comes around quickly and it wise to be aware of the tax implications of entertaining employees. The good news is that, unlike entertaining customers, the costs of entertaining employees are generally allowable against the profits of the business.

But what about the tax consequences for the employees themselves? Is it a perk of their jobs and will they have to pay tax on a benefit?

Generally, as long as the total costs of all employee annual functions in a tax year are less than £150 per attendee (VAT inclusive) and are open to all employees there will be no tax implications for the employees themselves. In considering this limit make sure you have included all the costs, which may include not only the meal itself but also any drinks, entertainment, transport and accommodation that you provide.

If your business has more than one location, an annual event that isopen to all of your staff based at one location will still be exempt. You can also put on separate parties for different departments, as long as all of your employees are allowed attend one of them.

If the costs are above the £150 limit then the full cost will be taxable on the employee. In that case do get in touch so we can advise you how best to deal with them.