Your tax return – 4 reasons to complete it early

Although the deadline for submitting your online tax return is 31 January, there are some good advantages to submitting it sooner.

  1. You know in plenty of time the amount of tax that is due (if any). This means you can plan to put that money aside and be safe in the knowledge that you will be able to meet your tax obligations.
  2. We can inform HMRC if your payment on account on 31 July is to be reduced so helping your cash flow.
  3. If a repayment is due to you then this will be processed by HMRC and in your bank account sooner.
  4. There is one less thing on your to do list giving you greater peace of mind.

Make completing your tax return easier for yourself (or for us if you would like our help) by keeping all the relevant information together relating to income earned in the past financial year – for example, interest certificates from banks and building societies, consolidated dividend certificates, employment forms P60 and P11d.